Luxury high-end boxes

Between the most exceptional products offered by Pakplus are luxury boxes, hand crafted using best materials. Such boxes allow to distinct and emphasise unique features of placed inside products.

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Pewter labels

For over 15 years we supply labels for industrial plants of food and spirits branch. Our products are appreciated by clients from many places in the World.
An unique product we offer is label made of pewter.


Paper exceptional labels

For years we have specialized in manufacturing of custom ideas for paper labels. In our portfolio there are many self-adhesive labels made in both rolls and sheets. As a substrate we use fine papers with textures, with which we can work using techniques as coldstamping, flexography, screen printing, hot foil blocking.


Standard packaging

Using our experience we can manufacture also more standard and economical, using offset or screen printed substrates, with possibilities of foil blocking or cold stamping, both directly or litholaminated.